Art Trance Photography

Welcome! I won’t get into describing what I can and can’t do.  The photos are on this site and you are welcome to look through them. So what do I love when it comes to photography?

It all started many years ago at a convention.  I don’t even have the photo anymore.  I was walking around, a cheap digital camera with me, taking pictures (not photos, just memories) of the awesome costumes.  The night was ending, the crowds were dispersing, there were a few afterparties to get to if you knew the right doors to knock on…  I was in the lobby when I saw her.  She was an angel.  Literally.  Her costume was black angel wings over her dark clothing, and the dim and yellow light was casting a slight halo over her hair.  I was stunned and (after asking her permission) I took her photo.  The eyes in that photo still haunt me.  Everything came together in that one shot!  She was sitting back against that hotel pillar with no colors but her skin and eyes.  She was just tired, but in that moment she looked up as if she had just lost Paradise.

So in short, that’s what I want in photography, to work with people (or capture unguarded moments) to provoke sensation and emotion.  And I want to get to the point where I can choose what sensations and emotions the image will create – from fallen to divine and all things between and beyond.  Which means a lot of self-study, a lot of practice with willing and understanding partners,  and a lot of fortunate accidents along the way that I hang on to and share on here.